2019 CSA Egg Share

$ 27.50

2019 CSA Pasture-Raised Organic Egg Share

About: Farm fresh eggs are unmistakable in their taste, texture and quality and distinguishable by their bright golden yellow yolk. They are unlike any you will find at a grocery store and since our chickens are producing even more than we anticipated we are passing the savings along to our members!  Our egg share will be provided weekly or bi-weekly as listed below.  

Price:       1 dozen Weekly                                      1 dozen Bi-Weekly Share

 Winter: $115.50                                                       Winter: $60.50

 Summer: $100.00                                                    Summer: $49.50

 Fall: $49.50                                                               Fall: $27.50

 Annual: $240.00                                                        Annual: $120.00

Winter/ Spring:Breaks down to $5.50 per pickup

Summer:Breaks down to $5.50 per pickup

Fall: Breaks down to $5.50 per pickup

BEST VALUE Annual: Breaks down to $5.00 per pickup


Winter/ Spring: 21 weeks/ From the week of January 2nd – May 25th

Summer: 18 weeks / From May 25th - September 28th

Fall: 10 weeks / From October 2nd - November 26th          

Annual*: 48 weeks/ From the week of January 2nd - November 26th             

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