2020 Organic Veggie Share

$ 150.00

There are several different options for your families veggie share! You can choose a Summer Quarter (for singles & seniors), a Summer Half Share (half a bushel basket), a Summer Full Share (a full bushel basket), a Fall Quarter or Half Share, or for the best value and most convenient option choose the annual membership that runs for 27 weeks combining the summer and the fall.  

Members will receive a bag, basket or bushel at the start of the season which they bring each week to collect "their choice" from an assortment of 6-8 seasonal organic vegetables from Cecil Creek and (our sister) Summer Wind Farms. Occasionally, we add Additionally, members, will have access to U-pick herbs, crops and cut flowers throughout the growing season! 

  •      Full Share feeds approx. 4-6 people. - Full Bushel
  •      Half Share feeds approx. 2-3 people - Half Bushel
  •      Quarter Share feeds 1 person - Reuseable Shopping Bag
  •      CSA Member 5% Discount on all purchases in store
  •      Newsletter provides recipes and storage tips each week.


Summer Full Share: $720 

Fall Full Share: $360 

Annual Full Share: $1000

Summer Half Share: $400 

Annual Half Share: $600

Fall Half Share:  $300  

Summer Quarter Share: $200

Fall Quarter Share: $150

Annual Quarter Share: $325


Summer Only: 18 weeks / May 28th-September 26

Fall Only: 9 weeks/ October 1-November 28

Annual*: 27 weeks/ May 28-November 28

What are the Crops? One of the greatest benefits of joining an organic CSA is eating seasonal local ORGANIC produce all summer long at a fraction of the cost of retail produce! The farms bounty varies throughout the season. The early summer focuses more on greens like lettuce, chards, kale, cabbage and other early season items like radishes and peas. As we get into mid-summer, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers and squash take a bigger role along with Jersey sweet corn and melons. Late summer and fall bring a return to the greens as well as broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes and collards. There will be a very wide variety of produce and we will keep you informed as to what's coming up for harvest. Frank is a foodie so you can be sure that he will have many new and different items in addition to the Jersey basics! We'll have some great family recipes available to assist you with meal planning especially when we have new or unusual items. We'll also have fresh herbs and cut flowers available in the CSA U-pick garden behind the market.

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