How It All Began...And So It Continues!

       Winter at Cecil Creek


And So It Continues...

It is with great admiration for the vision Bill and Megan Bumbernick had in creating Cecil Creek Farm that we are honored to continue their journey forward. In the brief time that our lives overlapped, we have formed a fondness for all that this place represents and to the many dedicated people that have found their way here.

As anyone who has visited the farm for an event or experienced a market table dinner knows, though the market building and the farm offer a wonderfully appointed setting, the most impressive assets at CCF are Mark, Darren, Luna and the rest of the staff who give of their time and talent to make each and every event meaningful and unique! Their passion and professionalism is remarkable and we are grateful for their continued commitment and support.

It has been said that “the privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are” and for Frank Ferrucci his destiny was set generations ago when his great grandfather came from Italy and began his life’s work as a vegetable farmer in a small section of Gloucester County called Piney Hollow. Through many years of hard work and a never ending drive to expand his knowledge of organic farming practices, Frank, along with the invaluable support of his family, founded Summer Wind Farms, a USDA Certified Organic farm in Newfield, N.J.

As CSA members at SWF last season, along with being lifelong family friends with the Ferrucci’s, my husband, Lou and I, were thoroughly impressed by what Frank had accomplished. So when Frank presented the opportunity to expand his interest in organic farming through the acquisition of Cecil Creek Farm, we were delighted to get involved.

You see, this is also the privilege of my lifetime, having been raised on organic foods since the day I was born, my mother was a pioneer for healthy living long before it became the movement it is today. We grew up on fresh squeezed juices, milk straight from the local dairy farm and our only family doctor was a chiropractor. And though, my life’s path has taken me from barefoot in the dirt as a child growing up on a farm to high heels in the city as a businesswoman, I have never lost my connection to all that nature has to offer us!

So, I knew it was manifest destiny for me to be part of this wonderful culmination of locally sourced organic food served in a place that feels like home, when I met Megan Cuthbert-Bumbernick, only to find that we share the same maiden name! So, the goosebumps and tears that come from “knowing something is right”, convinced us both this was meant to be!

And within the month, we were the new owners! On behalf of my partner, Frank Ferrucci, our dedicated staff and our families, we are excited about the future of Cecil Creek Farm and we look forward to meeting you during your next visit to the farm!

Warmest Regards,

Rose C. Moffa


How It All Began...

The 42 acres of Cecil Creek Farm is adjacent to the house where Megan Cuthbert grew up and was a regular playground for her and her family.  She spent summer days sneaking carrots to the horses stalled in the barns and lived next to the farm until she and Bill Bumbernick married in 2001.  After their marriage, Bill regularly spent hours in a tree stand watching the beauty and natural wonders of the farm evolve around him; 42 acres divided by a stream with 10 acres in front and 32 very private acres in the back; adjacent to another preserved farm. It was his dream to one day own the land. In October of 2012, they purchased the land from a developer.  At first, they weren’t sure what to do with it.  Maybe build a home and a pasture for their horses.

During a trip to California they stumbled across a number of community farms and a CSA.  It only took Megan and Bill a minute to realize that's what they wanted to do with the farm... create a community farm where people could enjoy the beauty and share in the love (and the food) of the property they held so dear.

While having a survey done, they noticed that the creek was named “Unnamed Tributary of Nahonsey Creek” and decided it would be "fitting to name the creek on the land we love after a man we loved and respected". They changed the name to “Cecil Creek” to honor Megan’s father, Cecil John Cuthbert, who sadly passed in March of 2011. 


And so it became… Cecil Creek Farm!