Field Trips at Cecil Creek Farm

$ 25.00

What are Farm Field Trips all about?

Your group will learn many different features of the farm, from soil and seeds to chicks and bees and lots  in between!

Farm Field Trips are designed to introduce young “farmers” to the lifecycle of their food, the importance of healthy living and their role in caring for the environment!

HOW: We will get dirty, sweaty, muddy and wet while we go about our daily chores of feeding the chickens, collecting eggs, planting, tending and harvesting our crops! Each morning will consist of a topical story, hands on learning, a craft and a farm-fresh snack...all interrelated because it is important to learn with all our senses.

WHO: All summer camps/groups such as 4H, YMCA, Boys & Girls Clubs, Scouts, Church groups or school programs of all ages 

WHEN: Sign up for one, two, three or days or all 4 weeks for a fun-farm-filled field trip.

WHAT: Farm  Field Trip will consist of lessons tailored to your age group/ timeline, including:

Things with Wings... Pollinators, Birds, & Butterflies...Friends or Foe!

Bats, butterflies & other flying friends will be the topic of this day. We will discuss whether or not these winged creatures are good for a farm. By spending time in the fields and pastures, we will look at natural habitats and create some of our own to lure them our way.

What Came First... Life with Chickens on a Farm!

You will get up close and personal with the chickens on our farm! We get more then just great eggs from them... and you will learn all about what else they do.

It's Alive...Seeds- All about the Crops at Cecil Creek!

A seed is a plant waiting to grow; it is alive! We will learn about the needs of a seed and the biology of plants. We will use experiments to observe how different environments affect the growth of a seed. By spending extra time in our Garden, using our tongues to taste their goodness and our hands to craft them, we hope to give seeds a new reputation.

Creek Explorers... Importance of Clean Water and How to Conserve it!

We will get our feet wet & learn all about the life in the creek, how to keep it clean and healthy!

So sign your “farmers” up and get ready for a farm-filled summer of learning and having fun!

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Space is limited, so to reserve your groups place!

It's Always a Great Summer at Cecil Creek Farm!