Produce, Hippie Organics Organic Brussel Sprouts, 1lb bag

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Hippie Organics® was developed by Alpine Fresh, Inc. to market our 

premium organic fresh fruits and vegetables. We use original artwork to convey our love of nature, healthy living, outdoor adventure and planet conservation. 

Hippie Organics® was developed with three key concepts in mind; creativity, fun, and healthy living. We created a brand that reflects these ideas with unique artwork and labeling concepts that everyone can appreciate. We focus on packaging that is not just another piece of corporate branding, but rather a unique piece of art every consumer can enjoy. 

Hippie Organics® mission is to inspire creativity at every level of the food chain; from farm to the consumer. We believe that creativity is the heart of innovation. We foster forward thinking and believe that this will enable us to provide our customer with the highest quality, organically grown produce all the while respecting our planet.